My name is Rebecca and I am the owner of Bellflower Girl, LLC, located in Edmond, OK.  I am a blessed wife, mother of two grown children and nana to one amazing teenage girl.

Not long ago I began offering for sale some of my favorite inspirational quotes in notecard form at a small shoppe in Oklahoma.  That one pivotal decision ushered many unexpected changes into my life and the journey onward has been an exciting one.  After years of dreaming of building an art studio on our property, a place to swing my watercolor brush, I’m finally able to offer some cards with my original artwork as well.

My Mother and I…Christmas 2016

I wanted to create a card line that was simple, uncomplicated and affordable.  I love celebrating what I’ve always called “Ordinary Days” with my friends and family and somehow those days have become the foundation of my life.  However, it took the unexpected death of my beautiful mother early Christmas Eve morning in 2017 to help guide me towards the unbeaten, unsure and somewhat frightening path.

My Mother in 1962

When my mother was a young woman, she was truly the belle of her local church’s congregation.  Born in Carbondale, IL, she moved to California while in middle school and with her family settled in what was then a small California town called Bellflower. It was there she ultimately met and married my late father.  As a child I loved to listen to her challenging life experiences and how she fought to overcome them.  She struggled to merge incredible artistic talent with near complete deafness.  As her hearing loss worsened, she pressed on. She was an amazingly creative room-mother, served in PTA and her role as the wife of a preacher-man was nothing less than inspiring.  She committed herself to living a life of joy-filled silence while living within a hearing world.  Her trials were real, life-altering and often isolating.  Her life was tough. Ultimately filled with grace and song, her never-ending love for her Savior led her to complete wholeness.  Her example helped mold me into the woman of faith I am today, and I know I will see her again.

My Mother and I

And so…it is to her, our beautiful Bellflower Girl, I lovingly dedicate this adventure.

You can contact me at rebecca@bellflowergirl.com